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Post Time:2014-09-17 20:36:24 Noncardiac Chest PainHistorical BackgroundThe entity of noncardiac chest pain (NCCP) was first described during the American Civil War when a Philadelphia physician, Jacob Mendez Da Costa, first encountered soldiers who complained of chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Given the patients' young age, cardiac disease was not thought to be the underlying etiology of symptoms and the syndrome was described as the "irritable heart."13 In 1892, Sir William Osler14 coined the term "oesophagismus" in reference to esophageal spasm that was associated with emotional disturbances and substernal chest pain. In 1911, Hertz15 was the first to reproduce symptoms of chest pain with balloon distention of the esophagus. With the new balance 859 stability advent of esophageal manometry in the 1950s, motility disorders were found to be associated with NCCP. In the 1970s, nutcracker esophagus was thought to be the most common motility disorder found in patients with NCCP.16 Edraw Max Edraw Max by Edraw Soft is a free 30 day download that installs quickly and offers an abundance of sample floor plans as well as other templates such as org charts, business diagrams and project management templates. The menus are similar to current versions of Microsoft Office applications as well. When Arles Rh 3 sank, it was carrying 33 tons of building stones. They were flat, irregular slabs of limestone, from three to six inches thick. They had come new balance white walking shoes from a quarry at St. Gabriel, less than ten miles north of Arles, and were probably headed toward a construction site on the right bank or in buy new balance 998 black red the Camargue, the marshy farmland south of Arles. The boat was pointed upstream, though, rather than downstream, indicating it had been tied up at the quay when it sank. A flash flood had probably swamped it.